The idea is if you have your purpose clear and it yep if that’s crystal-clear usually you get the clients you deserve. We say in Holland but we’re usually you know reformed Protestants it means something different, if you say it in Holland yes it’s meant as a punishment we don’t mean it as a punishment getting the clients you deserve is you attract the people who come to your purpose and it’s an unspoken thing you know good or bad

You know some people come to me I give a lot of supervision they say I required can you get the clients you deserve and people get really angry and I don’t understand it but you do you put it out there don’t you your purpose and what you want to do with your clients what we always say is you have to get the clients that you know that you like and that can afford you, know, like, can afford you.

Knowing means you know them deeply in their concerns and their ambitions. Liking means I always say I fell in love a little bit with all my clients if I don’t have that sense it’s really difficult to work with them I find if I don’t like a client there’s something else going on I go to supervision if it’s still going on I think they should see a different supervisor.

Basically you have to like your clients as well if you’re not liking your clients you’re probably in the wrong business.

And they have to be able to afford you – being able to afford you is a relative thing of course because all of us have sliding scales of what we were asking clients. Probably there are people here who ask clients what they can afford and they don’t ask clients what they’re worth what you were worth is what I mean.

I urge you to turn around that formula. I have a colleague who traveled around the world like me that’s how it started and he’s become a furniture maker. This guy has gone to Australia he makes six tables a year he makes as much as he did as a consultant.

I’m very jealous do you do what how did you do that he said “I found the clients who could afford me.”

And the way he did it is he said this is what I want to make in a year and he calculated backwards he makes two six tables a year it’s great…